Pivotal arm

Further expand the range with a pivotal arm and hence cover a larger total area.

  • The pivotal arm is at its most advantageous if you are unable to mount the reel in the ceiling.
  • The pivotal arm can be mounted on a wall or on a pillar. Pivotal 180°.
  • The hose reel, as well as other equipment, may be suspended from the arm.
  • If the arm is mounted 3 m overhead and the reel is equipped with a 6 m hose, you will reach 180 square metres.
  • The wall bracket is varnished in blue, the bar is galvanized steel and the arm itself is made of aluminium C-100.
  • It is fitted with a bracket for a hose reel and brackets for a connection hose or pipe in every meter. Due to weight, only hose reels of the smaller dimension will fit.

Connection hose or pipe is not supplied

Model No.
604 200 Lenght 2 m
604 300 Lenght 3 m
604 400 Lenght 4 m
604 500 Lenght 5 m
604 600 Lenght 6 m

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